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About us

Joyful children's eyes, cheerful carefree laughter, the implementation of cherished desires, and all this development, interest, deepening the skills of children - is, of course, is our goal!

Factory "Vip-Toys" - surprises its customers high quality products, an incredible level of service, proved itself as a certified assistant in the difficult task - the creation of children's happiness!


We are one of the largest manufacturers of children's products. Most of their products we sell through a dealer network in Ukraine and Poland. The company has a special department dealing with dealers, which, given the specificity of a particular region, provides the individual conditions of the different categories of dealers. We do not compete with its dealers, and provides them with information and advertising support.


We look forward to working with initiative and enterprising people, regardless of the degree of development of the company and the region. To us it was convenient and fun to work with, we offer our dealers:

  • Delivery to any region 
  • A wide range of products
  • Special prices
  • Giving free samples of finished products
  • Providing discounts on all components
  • Information and technical support
  • Providing print and promotional products
  • Superfund manufacture and shipment of goods
  • Free participation in all actions undertaken by the company
  • Rendering software
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